How Women Can Excel in Trucking

download“Learning the basics of an industry and demonstrating professionalism are

instrumental to excelling in a male-dominated field such as trucking.”

Such was the assessment of Kristiana Tobey and Ashlye Jones, two female

managers from DISA Global Solutions – a drug and alcohol screening

service — at the Women in Trucking Association’s annual conference on

November 13 (Transport Topics, —11/13/18).

Both women claimed that knowledge formed the basis of power. They urged women to:

  • Gain familiarity with all positions at a trucking company, from driver to recruiting agents.
  • Learn from rejection, such as denied requests for raises.
  • Schedule regular meetings between employees and supervisors to create professional development plans for employees to follow.
  • Not become intimidated, even if they are the only female in a situation.

Despite data indicating that they are safer drivers, women are scarce in the trucking industry – only 7% of truck drivers are women.

Even though women are rare in the trucking industry, Jones and Tobey advised women to support one another rather than rival one another. They said that women can achieve more when working together.

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