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Are inflationary pressures deflating your bottom line? Has paying your invoices become a wrenching experience? Why not roll out a new, faster way to pay your bills by factoring with TBS? We never tire of going the extra-mile to help you so you never fall flat and have time to spare. So don’t be a blow hard! Become a big wheel with factoring from TBS.


Can OTR Trucking Get Me Out of the Hood?

On Reddit (9/24/18) a trucker writes [edited]: I’m 29, just got out of a long-term serious relationship, and I’m looking to book it out of my home town. My brother is about to start trucking, and I’ve been wondering if that may be my best shot at getting out of the hood and having a Read More…


Trucking Conditions Index Reach Highest Level Since 2004

Trucking conditions for the month of July represented the strongest for the sector going back to early 2004, according to the most recent edition of the Trucking Conditions Index (TCI) from freight transportation consultancy FTR (Logistics Management – 9/25/18). The TCI reflects tightening conditions for hauling capacity and is comprised of various metrics, including capacity, Read More…

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