Home-Style Soul Food at the Queen City Truck Stop off I-20 in Meridian, MS


“You can ask me as many times as you want,” said Faye Griffin, “but I’m not going to tell you the secret to the best fried chicken you could possibly put into your mouth. You don’t want to get my red hair stirred up.”

Faye has been the manager of the Queen City Truck Stop for the past 15 years, “a drop in the bucket compared to how long this truck stop and restaurant have been around. At one time it was a rinky-dink, stop-and-go fuel stop, but now it’s humungous.”

Today, Queen City has overnight parking for 150+ trucks (“if they park like they’re supposed to”), four restrooms, showers, a large convenience store . . . and the reason most of the truckers never pass the exit: the good home-style Southern cooking of the Magnolia Restaurant. Open 24/7, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but is mostly known for three menu items: fried chicken, hamburger steak with onions and gravy and Biggie Burgers. Each menu item contains special secret ingredients that Faye has never revealed. “It’s the breading.  That’s all I’m going to say. I’m not going to give you my secrets to spread out there everywhere!”

Every day, the restaurant serves hundreds of truckers with a wait staff that is “99% cordial and efficient. You never eat here just once, because we treat you real good. It’s great soul food that’s good for your tummy and it don’t give you the sh!ts.  We care about our customers.”

For the Fourth of July, the restaurant will serve up rib tips and pulled pork plus something a trucker wouldn’t expect to celebrate the nation’s birthday: turkey and gravy. “Nine times out of ten, you can’t find turkey and dressing anywhere except on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We have turkey and dressing twice a week. That’s how good it gets around here.”


Fried chicken, black eyed peas, corn bread – soul food!

(Don’t ask about the breading.)







Country fried steak, baked potato, Texas toast








The Biggie Burger (12-14 oz. of beef) with side of onion rings








Fried pork chops

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