Health and Comfort Highlight New Truck Seats

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pexels-photo-262218-tiredTruck seat manufacturers are introducing innovative features designed to provide greater comfort and less fatigue in truck seats, not to mention, to help to retain drivers. Following are some of the new models and their features:

  • Sears Seating’s Legacy Silver Seat – standard features include an enhanced back support, an air parallelogram suspension, a 22-in., four-position cushion, a 19-in. wide shoulder region and a fully reclining backrest.
  • Sears Seating’s Atlas II ActiveVRS Suspension Seat–uses a Magneto-Rheological (MR) fluid system to reduce driver exposure to whole-body vibration resulting in less fatigue. The technology employs a position sensor to read suspension travel 750 times per second; depending on damping needs, it instantaneously increases or decreases the strength of the magnetic field to stiffen the damper and absorb shock.
  • Bostrom Seating— offers a variety of heavy-duty truck seats, including the Wide Ride+Serta, Wide Ride Core, Pro Ride, T-Series and Baja models. A new design for its Patriot series seats includes a wide platform, the company’s Flex Support Cushion System, and a scissor action suspension for improved weight distribution.
  • National Seating—offers its BackCycler system, which cyclically inflates and deflates an air bladder in the lumbar area of the seat. The manufacturer noted the slow and slight movement in and out, as the bladder fills and deflates, causes the lower back to slightly adjust on a continuous basis, helping keep blood flowing and muscles and ligaments from stiffening.
  • Grammar—these air suspension seats feature Active Seat Climate Control that uses activated charcoal and a ventilation layer to remove moisture and keep the seat’s surface dry. Built with an ergonomic design and easy adjustments, the seats have a weight adjustment range of 110 to 285 lbs., a suspension stroke of 6.3 in., and a memory air height adjustment so drivers can set the seat to meet their individual preferences.

SOURCE: 3/4/19

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