Is There Life After Trucking?

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On Reddit (3/4/19) a trucker asks [edited]:

What do you plan on doing after trucking? Or those that changed careers from trucking to something else, what do you do now?

Following are some of the responses [edited]:

  • night-television-tv-theme-machinesNo retirement for me. I’ve seen what happens to people who retire. They sit on the couch and watch stupid b.s. on TV, then go down to the gas station and sit around with a bunch of other geezers for five hours drinking coffee and talking about the stupid b.s. they watched on TV. Then they keel over and die.
  • I’ve been kicking around the idea of opening a gun/shooting range when I have to turn my keys in. I daydream about it quite a bit.
  • I doubt I will ever quit completely. What I will do is scale back. Eventually I’ll stop OTR and drive locally where I live. After a while, I’ll be too old for most outfits to want to hire me anyway, and I’ll be ready to “retire.” Everything I own is paid for, including the house, so no problem there. I’ll keep my truck, take it to shows. I plan for a very modest retirement, to go along with my modest working life.
  • Write novels.pexels-photo-novels
  • I’m doing short stories now. I need to do it more.
  • I’ve bought more equipment, leased a base and hired drivers. Rather than retiring, I’m evolving. I’m training six guys right now, and looking to hire more. Local only, home every day, flexible everything.
  • pexels-photo-457882-beachSit on a beach, smoke pot, listen to Jimmy Buffett, drink pina coladas, play poker, that kinda stuff . . . only 3,850,5788 miles to go!
  • I’ll die of old age, heartache, heart attack or exhaust poisoning.
  • I’ll either get forced off the road because the robots will take over or die doing it.

Not much else I’d rather do. And if I can’t be driving, might as well take me out back and shoot me. I love driving. I don’t have a wife, kids or even much of a girlfriend. Take away the one thing I love from me and the rest just ain’t worth f*cking with.

  • This question has been bugging me for a while. My girlfriend hates my job but loves those paychecks I bring home. I love my job, but I know that once we get married my days are numbered. I honestly doubt she’d let me haul cows anymore once kids come into the picture

I have a college degree in agriculture that I could always fall back on, but it’d be hard to take a 50% pay cut. I went from farming to driving a truck, but really I just like running equipment. I’ve thought about getting into like small-scale excavation and dirt work, but I think it would depend on how saturated the market is when I get out of trucking. I’ve also thought about polishing, but it can be pretty rough on the body and it’s definitely a dirty business.
My ultimate “out there” post-trucking daydream is opening a performance shop for side-by-side UTVs.

  • I’m going back to trucking but have been racking up my study for game design (programming, modeling, animating, drawing, sound/music design, storyboard) and networking (CCNA). I’ve also done hobby work with microcontrollers/electronics so once I buy my house, I’ll drop my work hours, only working something like 3-day weeks or couple months out of the year and go wild building stuff with my soft early retirement. I’ve worked in construction as a helper so that’ll also help me build things, ALL THE THINGS!

 Or I’ll fly off an icy hill while trucking and die, you never know . . . . It’ll be purty awkward for the person that finds my body with a rubber wristband that says lucky on it, but even in death, ya gotta get the laughs you know?

  • I want to open a brewery.pexels-photo-1089930-brewry
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