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True Road Hogs

A truck driver who was pulled over for having trouble staying in his lane. Turned out to be operating the vehicle with a 250-pound pig on his lap, according to a Minnesota sheriff’s office.  He also had a smaller pig with him. The sheriff’s office noted that its officers have encountered plenty of truck drivers Read More…

Learning to Drive a Truck Can Take Time . . . but Prison Time?

Staff at the Martin County (Florida) Correctional Institute spied some suspicious activity one morning. Around 1:30 a.m., a drone was spotted hovering over an inmate housing center, while at the same time, a black pickup truck rolled slowly in front of the center. The Tampa Bay Times reported officers stopped the truck and questioned Concetta Read More…

I Got Trucked (Other Than That, All is Good!)

On Reddit (2/7/19) a trucker shared [edited]: So . . . I got a liquor load and wanted to settle down at the nearest rest stop. It didn’t happen. Why? Traffic in Cincinnati was slow — a trucker in the middle lane was going slower than the right lane. Then I hit a pothole so Read More…

Trucker Funny


Canada – Our Poop-u-lar Ally

Susan Allan of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, was driving with her son, enjoying the beautiful weather with the sunroof open, when they were suddenly hit with a cold material that smelled to them like feces mixed with chlorine.  Her son threw up and both of their faces were covered with, well, the polite term would Read More…


Wacky Road Stories: Tattoo Taboo

Johanna Giselhall Sandstrom of Kyrkhult, Sweden asked a tattoo artist to entwine the names of her two children, Nova and Kevin on her arms. When she arrived home, she realized that the tattoo read “Kelvin” instead of “Kevin.” Removing the tattoo would require multiple treatments, so Sandstrom decided instead to change her 2-year-old son’s name Read More…


Dispatch Love Match?

On Reddit (7/18/18) a trucker writes: My dispatcher must have confused me for his wife on the phone. He ended the phone call with, “Thanks, love you, bye.” Following are some of the responses [edited]: I’ve done it to one of my trucking buddies before. Tried to slur it the best I could so I Read More…

Laugh for the Road

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Laugh for the Road

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